Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sun Shines

Of course the sun shines today. It was the last day of vacation, but at least one actual nice day to enjoy. When I wasn't dismantling my fridge, cleaning the fridge, then swearing at the pieces of the fridge when they wouldn't all go back in the way they came out. Now, by the way, it looks like a brand new fridge. Jupiter went with Mimi and Bepa to drop Bepa off at the bus station, then went to the playground and to Mimi's for lunch and to play in the pool. It's full of rainwater. So aside from the fridge, I got beds made, clothes (including the clean work clothes I washed two weeks ago and which have been residing in the laundry basket ever since) put away in drawers and on hangers, the dishes washed, and the water in the goldfish tank half changed out. Now I can actually see the fish. Jupiter really really wanted fish. But she doesn't really understand about feeding them only teeny tiny amounts of food, so I have to hide the fish food from her. Last week she found it. But even though she loves her fish, she really wants a bunny. I said no. No bunny.
So after all that work, I picked Jupiter up and brought her home. We went to the frog pond, but the mosquitos bit us so we left. We played frisbee in the yard, but I poked my eye with a stick trying to retrieve the frisbee from a tree. Jupiter loves to throw the frisbee, but she's not really in control of which direction it actually flies. So we went to the nice safe playground where Jupiter learned a new playground trick and chased some boy up and down the slide. She's wanted to chase boys ever since she had a crush on Greg from the Wiggles, and packed her suitcase one night, climbed up on the rocking horse, and announced that she was chasing Greg. Greg has now been thoroughly supplanted by Troy from HSM. She chooses checkout lines at Shaws based on the probability that Troy might be manning the register. I've made tenative plans to move to a sparsely populated island when Jupiter turns 13. Or maybe even 11.
So tomorrow, it's back to work. I don't like working. I think maybe all the rain gave me a chance to be a normal stay at home Mom for a couple of weeks. I'm not very good at the at home part, considering that this morning the house looked worse, housekeeping wise, than it does when I'm gone at work all day. How does that happen? I understand that Jupiter runs through the house like a little tornado, and she's been spending more waking hours at home. Which is kind of nice. I wish I could stay home more. Although I am lucky enough to have four weeks paid vacation, a benefit I will possibly enjoy for one more year while I undergo the "staff selection process." gotta love mergers.
The weather looks super for tomorrow....and I'm not sick!

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