Sunday, September 20, 2009

kindergarten homework

Tonight, at suppertime, I plowed through the mountain of paper that came home on Friday in Jupiter's Eagle News. Hot lunch form. check. book order. wrote a check. picture day order form. Holy Moses but those aren't cheap. The read a ton of books program kickoff form. Jupiter is supposed to draw a scene from her favorite book she read over the summer and tell about it. Then they'll make a bookmark out of it. Sounds simple enough, except we didn't get to it until suppertime on Sunday night. So after supper I give her the form and tell her what she is supposed to do. She can't think of one at first. Then she starts artisting away with a green crayon. I try to look, but she won't tell me about it until it's finished.

"It's the girl in the green uniform." I have to think a minute. "You know, Mom. From the army book."

Ah yes. Now I remember. The book Jupiter found on the library table last week when we went to the "children's" library.

Life as an Army Demolition Expert.

I dutifilly write Life as an Army Demolition Expert on the line that says title. I send Jupiter to her room to find the book so I can fill in the line that says author. I ask her what her favorite part of the book is so I can fill in that line. Foolishly thinking her favorite part will be the guy with the explosive sniffing dog.

"My favorite part is the girl with the big sharp sword."

But of course. Now I have to practice for a conversation with the school social worker. We read about 150 books over the summer. She likes THIS BOOK. Oh thank you, children's library on Munjoy Hill.

Although I can see her going into the army, carrying a big sharp sword. She's tough that way. Can't see her doing well with all those bossy people in boot camp telling her what to do. But then, they're not me, so she might be okay with that too.


Lisa said...

I would love to hear your speech for the worker. At least you have time to practice. Oh the great things our kids enjoy.

Haleine said...

A girl after my own heart. I'd like the part with the big sharp sword too.