Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Note to self: coin rolling

Next time I roll coin from Jupiter's piggy bank, I will do it AFTER she goes to sleep.

I wasn't even planning to roll her coin (former bank teller talking.) tonight. She ate chicken drumsticks for supper (also known as she ate something that was NOT Chefboyardee ravioli or chicken noodle soup). After the chicken she ate a little ice cream for dessert. Then she wanted something else to eat. But not a yogurt smoothie. She said she wanted oatmeal.

It never works when she asks for oatmeal at night. She had a look which told me that this was some kind of something she was trying to finagle. But I made the oatmeal anyway.

Which of course she told me she didn't want as soon as I made it.

So I told her, since she deliberately made the choice to waste food, she could buy the next box of oatmeal. Then I got her piggy bank so she could take the three dollars out for the new box of oatmeal.

She didn't care very much until the $3 turned out to be tooth fairy money. She wouldn't have cared a bit if we'd extracted $3 in quarters from the bank, but the tooth fairy money she didn't want to part with.

She decided to eat the oatmeal.

Since her bank was almost full, I dug through the drawer where I keep them and found some coin wrappers.

I'm not completely mean. I rolled two rolls of quarters and let her keep the rest of them. She got to keep the $5's, the $1 bill, and the dollar coins. I told her she could have $5 in whatever form she chose (a $5 bill, five $1 coins, or 20 quarters) to buy a Littlest Pet Shop. She negotiated for a quarter for the gumball machine. I even said yes to that.

But since I wouldn't let her have ALL the money to go to the store and buy Littlest Pet Shops, she was mad.

Its time to cut her fingernails.

I sent her to get ready for bed and rolled some more coin and did some deep breathing. When I went in the bathroom I asked if she had something to say and she apologized. She even gave me a hug. Then we brushed her teeth and climbed into bed to read The Secrets of Droon.

Tomorrow we'll go to the bank after school and put her rolled coin in her savings account. It's not near as much fun as buying Littlest Pet Shops. But now she has a chance to replace all those pennies with something different. And they have lollipops at the bank.

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