Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jupiter Likes her Teacher!!!!!

After an entire summer of not wanting to go back to school.

After two weeks of off the wall anxiety about going back to school (unfortunately coinciding with the between session break of therapeutic riding).

After the meet and greet teacher night where I leaned against a wall for 20 minutes because Jupiter was involved in playing with another girl in her class and was there by having "a positive experience in her classroom" so I stood there for as long as that positive experience was going to last.

After two days of 20 minutes of swinging before school and hard muscle motor work after school.

Today Jupiter left school proclaiming how nice her teacher is.

Jupiter brought two stuffed horse beanie babies to school today.

Did Mrs. R relegate them to the backpack?

No. She let Jupiter keep them on her desk. And she let Jupiter bring them to morning meeting.

I think Mrs. R just made a friend for life. Or until they have to count money.

Now maybe our anxiety (I've recently deciding that I am now taking on HER anxiety because she has so much to spare) will retreat to its normal abnormally high level. We can live with that.

No school tomorrow for Labor Day break!!


Ashley said...

Yay for Mrs. R! Yay for Jupiter, too!

M.J. Fifield said...

That was the first thing Jupiter told me about school. How her teacher let her keep her horses on her desk and bring them to morning meeting. I think Mrs. R sounds awesome!