Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Maine Storm's Coming

If you're from around here (read: around heah), you know this line. The line from the CMP commercial that they play before the StormCenter music comes on indicating that CMP is ready for the storm, and they want us to be ready too. And no line is safe to touch. Evah.

I wonder if Stormcenter has even lined up its commercial sponsors for tomorrow's storm center.

Seriously. We haven't even carved our Halloween pumpkin yet. Normally we would to a couple of pumpkins, but I never got to buy another one. I was busy today. Getting ready for the storm coming.

Put up the screens and put down the storm windows in the house.

Take out the dead tomato vines and pull the stakes from the garden.

Bring a couple of empty plant containers into the house so I can figure out how to put a kind of cold frame around them on the unheated sunporch to see if I can grow some lettuce or scallions during the winter.

Take out the screen from the storm door and put in the storm window.

Pull the clematis vine down from the trellis and put the green plastic thing over the trellis.


Haul leaves out to big pile at edge of woods.

Listen to hunters on the public access land behind my house.

Rake some more.

Haul some more leaves.

Make Jupiter get dressed and brush her hair specifically so she can come out and I can take a leaf picture.

Unhook the hose from the house and bring it in. The garage...not the house.

Turn over the gardens so the snow can get in them. Free fertilizer.

Plant my garlic.

Rake some more.

Haul some more leaves.

I'm not all done raking yet. But I can live with it.

The snow has started. I'm as ready as I'm going to be.

Jupiter looked out the window just before bed and said "I didn't know it was REALLY going to snow."

I'll have to take her picture in the morning. She's a happy snow girl with all that Siberian blood. It is fun to watch her like the snow. Much more fun than shoveling or roof raking the snow.

With any luck, it's our big snowstorm for the year. And weekend snow is better than weekday snow.

Now I think I'm going to go read The Long Winter and the very appropriate chapter about the October blizzard.

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M.J. Fifield said...

I was watching the snow when it started to fall and thinking about that voicemail Jupiter left on my phone a few years ago when she said, "Tyotya! It's snowing!"

It always makes me smile.

And I apologize if you get more than one comment from me tonight on this post... Blogger seems to be having difficulties.