Monday, August 27, 2012

The Saga of the Oatmeal

I've mentioned before, I know, that Jupiter eats oatmeal for breakfast in the morning.
Every morning.
Exactly the same.
Ha**aford Natures Choice Organic Maple and Brown Sugar.
With milk on top.  (apparently milk in CT is different than milk in Maine, because on vacation she refused the oatmeal on the grounds that the milk was different).

I suspect that over the past 6 years Jupiter has consumed more of this particular oatmeal than any other living being.

Maybe I should actually put the store name in this post; and they could send me a bunch of the $2 Natures Place coupons.  Boy, do I get excited when I see those anywhere.

Last week Mimi called me and asked if I had anymore of the oatmeal packets because she was all out and the store in our town was out of stock. I had one last box in my cupboard; and on Friday went to the store in the town where I work to get some more. 

They were all out too.

I started calling friends to have them check their local H Supermarkets.  No dice.

Yesterday I posted on the H Supermarket Fcebk page to ask them if they were planning to get this oatmeal in stock anytime soon as it is the only thing my daughter will eat for breakfast and I can't substitue for brand or flavor.  I did not post that my daughter is 8 years old, and for the love of heaven, school starts this week and this is NOT THE TIME TO MESS WITH HER ROUTINE.  We NEED this oatmeal!!! We have anxiety and eczema and attitude already; messing with the breakfast is just a guarantee for disaster. I did post that if they could find me a store anywhere in Southern Maine that had the product in their inventory, I would happily drive there to get it.

I had to email my sister from work today to have her see if H Supermarket responded to my post.

The reply indicated that one of the Portland stores had some in stock.  It also indicated that Jupiter has excellent taste in breakfast foods. If they only knew.

(After she answered me, my sister went out to check the H Supermarket in her town.  None.)

I called Mimi since they were out and about; having fun before the first day of school (countdown: 12 hours).

Mimi got the last box in the Portland store. Mimi made them call the stock people to check the back room in case they had more. All the H Supermarket people think we're crazy people now.

Supposedly they're supposed to get more tomorrow.  I'm not hopeful.  But if you're the Natures Place Supplier and you're reading this:  Please send more oatmeal to Maine.  Fast.

I wonder if I started mixing the oatmeal packets together gradually like you're supposed to do with cat food when you switch brands, if that would work. 

Special thanks to everyone who particpated in the great oatmeal search of August, 2012!

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