Friday, June 20, 2014

Walking with the Natives

Sometimes, during breaks and lunches, I walk outside in work town.  Since I only like to go outside between May and September,  I have to fit all my walking into those months.

Work town is a bit different from swim town.  Not really a tourist area.  Although it does have the only basilica in Maine.

However, I still get asked for directions.  As I walked between the mills one day this week, a woman in a very small car accompanied by a very large white dog, pulled up and asked if I knew how to get to a certain doctor's office.  The medical center is a few blocks up the street, but I took a guess and asked if she wanted the dermatologist office, since it is in the actual mill.  I was right.  I directed her around to the front of the building.

Two days later, as I walked down the sidewalk, a very large old station wagon pulled a u turn and pulled up next to me to ask where a certain address on the street was.

Apparently I just look like the kind of person who is not lost and gives good directions.

  I know my office address o the street, and that's about it. But then she asked where the dermatologist office was.

I pointed across the street and told her the building number.

Clearly, the dermatologist needs to give better directions to their new patients.

I'm thinking of charging the dermatologist a fee.

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