Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog support

During Jupiter's developmental eval, the evaluator asked me if I get any support for attachment issues or concerns.

I told her I get huge amounts of support from blogs.

She thought I was nuts. She gave me a look that clearly said "Blogs?"

Yes, blogs. I learn SO much from reading other blogs. I get so much support from other Moms parenting kids with attachment issues. When we have a difficult day, I can go online and get an online hug or the comfort that we are not alone.

So this is my blog shout out to all of you who support us...you're all the best!!


Lisa said...

I LOVE our community! Still would like to have the commune though.
I've got your back, sister!

Linda B. said...

Same here! Wouldn't it be so cool for us all to have our own commune. The kids wouldn't get away with anything and we'd get all the hugs we needed. I think people think we are nuts when we say we get so much from blogging. I would be so lost if it weren't for my friends in my computer! I am impressed though that you were even asked if you were getting support!!

Diana said...

I wanna come to the commune!!

Yah, people think I'm nuts for blogging, too - but what those people who think we're nuts don't understand is that this is how we connect with other people who actually "get it" - and for many of us, it's the ONLY way we can connect with such individuals. Plus, I've never had any of my blogging buddies try to one-up me and convince me "it isn't that bad and they've been throug it to." Swap war stories, sure...but try to minimize it, never.

Oh, goodness...I had an IRL person do that to me just tonight. A bunch of ladies were stading in a group dreaming of their little "get-aways" with their spouses. I finally just said "Forget overnight! I dream of going anywhere with my husband for just a few hours without kids in tow. But alas...to everything there is a season. Right now it simply isn't worth it." "Oh, I remember those days. We've all been through it." My literal response to this person was "Oh. You had a kid who pooped on your floor for a week once you came home too?" "Um...no...(and then very perkily)...but I had similar stuff." I'm thinking "Oh, give me a break. Poop on the floor is just the mild stuff. When you've lived 24/7 with macheti weilding Tazmanian devil for an extended period of time, then we'll swap stories!"

The cool thing about blogging is I can tell you people that and I know you're all laughing with that "Oh, I SOOOO know what you mean" laugh and nodding your heads in agreement. I don't even need to explain here that poop on the floor is mild. Nor do I even need to hint at what the bigger stuff is. You guys already know all about it!

Hugs right back at ya!