Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brute honesty vs Not

Why is there such a dispairity between what Jupiter says at certain times versus other times? Today, while I was drying her off after her shower, (came immediately after the mud puddle bath she took when I picked her up), she looked up my nose and announced that my nose is really hairy. "Mom? Why is all that hair in your nose?" I suppose that's better than the day I came in from the gym and she announced that I smelled. Like butt, specifically.

And yet, yesterday, she went to school and told her teacher that there's a big river near our house and I let her go play there all by herself. For some reason, the teacher was worried that I actually let her do this. She confirmed with my mother at pickup that Jupiter is NOT allowed to go play at the big river all by herself. My mother explained that there is a small brook which borders our property and that Jupiter is allowed to play in the SMALL BROOK when an adult is outside with her. (We do have seasonal views of the BIG RIVER, but Jupiter is NOT allowed to go there by herself and will possibly be 23 before she is allowed to go OUTSIDE by herself because of our proximity to said river.)

I wonder if I really seem the type to let my five year old go play at the big river all by herself. It astounds me that the teacher even THOUGHT it was a possibility. I suppose it was good that she checked, but really. It took three weeks before we left her at school by herself for three hours. The Big River.


Lisa said...

It always astounds me what people will believe. Geesh.

a said...

I know, isn't it silly, our teachers have believed that I sent my kid to school without a coat or lunch! I am so not the irresponsible type. I guess her cute face just does them in.