Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the amazing properties of the ocean

Big wave coming!!

You should hear her happy shriek

Gonna be a surfer!

We have FINALLY made it to the ocean. Saturday we were pushing it a little bit, since the wind was blowing about 22 miles per hour. It was a little cold, unless you happened to be Jupiter, in which case you found it exilarating and thrilling. Jupiter wanted to go to the lake instead, but when we got to the ocean she was thrilled by all the sand, and then the waves! She stood in the water and laid in the water and let the waves rhythmically crash into her over and over and over. Sensory input, anyone? And she came home like a different kid. All morning Saturday she was prickly and arguing about every little thing.

Sunday Jupiter was polite, kind and undemanding. All day. She gave me two compliments and I didn't even have to hint for them. We didn't have to do any behavior managing ALL DAY. We also went back to the ocean, since the state park pass which travels with Jupiter over the summer happened to not be in residence. So I had to cough up $10 to park in the municipal lot (better not hear anything about the city of Scarborough's budget not balancing) when there was no free street parking. And it wasn't even windy and cold. She crashed in the waves some more and layered herself in wet sand, then rinsed it off, then rolled around in the dry sand so she could go rinse that off. Oh yes. We saw a dead seagull washed up on the beach. We saw its bones. That was one of her favorite parts :)

I want to live at the ocean some days. This coming Sunday has potential to be another beach day.

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