Thursday, July 30, 2009

Autumn Leaf and the Vet

On Monday Autumn had to go to the vet. Over the weekend she was making constant trips to the litterbox, resulting in little bitty pee clumps. This cat can literally pee and poop like a dog, so I know this is not normal. From my own personal experience with UTI's, I diagnose the cat as having one and Monday afternoon we went to the vet.

Apparently everyone's pet was sick on Monday. I waited in line for 10 minutes just to tell them she was there. Then we waited. Then the vet tech brought us in the room. We waited some more. The vet came in, checked her out, and brought her out back to get a urine sample. It tested positive.

The vet offered me an option of an antibiotic injection which would be good for two weeks worth of antibiotic. It was about $10 more than the standard fight with the cat twice a day version. Totally worth it.

If only I could get the pediatrician to do that.


Lisa said...

Why oh why have I never heard of this shot???!!!! There is "almost" nothing worse than giving a cat a pill.

Haleine said...

Yes, as someone who is currently holding down her cat twice a day in order to administer antibiotics and steroids and whatever else, I applaud the sagacity of the antibiotic shot.