Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vehicle Talk

I was going to call this C*R Talk, but I believe that name is already taken.

With any luck, I will remember this conversation verbatim.  Or close to it.

Tonight we were driving home from swim class (anybody else out there who spends 80 minutes driving in the car for a 30 minute swimming lesson?  Yeah, just me.  Thought so.) and the conversation turned to imagination.

Jupiter:  "I have a good imagination.  I want to keep it."

Me:  Yes, you do.  I am not very imaginative.  But I have other good qualities."

Jupiter:  (In all seriousness).  "Like what?"

Ouch.  When I picked my head up off the steering wheel, I asked her if she could think of any.  "Willing to drive 80 minutes in the car for a 30 minute swimming lesson" comes to mind.  Just saying.

Jupiter:  "Good at dressing badly."

She is not innacurate.  Although I'm not sure it's one of my BEST qualities.

I am, however, pleased that she can use adverbs properly in spoken English.

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M.J. Fifield said...

Well, you're not alone. She doesn't think I dress very well either. Although before we went to the Bieber Fever experience, she approve of my outfit. Just not my shoes. They were boring. Still are, I imagine.