Saturday, February 25, 2012

Je suis francophile

So for all these years, one of my favorite parts about traveling to Quebec has always been just hanging out in the hotel room and watching French language TV (and the one memborable time I was watching English language news and suddenly watching a girl from my high school French class presenting the weather from Burlington VT.  My sister was mad I woke her up for that but not for French Scooby Doo).  I also like stocking up on French language picture books (prompting at least one customs agent to think we were teachers), and that stuff.  But really; I could spend days in the hotel room watching TV.

Then I bought a car in Saco.  One day when I had a very early car appointment, I by default gained control of the TV remote in the waiting area. And discovered French language TV that didn't require me to buy hotel room nights. (The waiting room in the car place also has large amounts of morning sun and wonderful singing acoustics, but Jupiter hates it when I sing at the car place). I'd forgotten that York county Maine gets Canadian French TV on regular cable.  I thought about moving to York County. Now we always get the early appointment, and spend an hour watching French language tv while the car gets a new headlight bulb or fresh oil. With any luck; this is cheaper than actually driving to Montreal. Not always, but sometimes.

Then the internet dawned on me.  Specificially, that TV stations have websites.

Yes, now I can watch French language TV (the cartoons are right at my verbal comprehension level) in my very own home, without having to get my car fixed. In all my spare time, of course.

Never fear; I will still have to go to Montreal to buy books and Kindereggs. And climb to the top of Mont Royal (which now has very nice steps to climb to the top).

Just in case anyone (besides me) wants to watch French language cartoons:

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Emily said...

Me! Me! I want to watch French language cartoons! Thanks for the link. :)