Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am so very grateful that I can request items from an entire network of libaries in Maine, and not just my town library or the library where I have my card.  I am also grateful for online card catalogs, which allow me to do my library browsing from home after bedtime and have the books (from both my library and all the other libraries too) put behind the circulation desk; so I can just ask for them at checkout (after raiding the shelves of the children's section; and sparing the library patrons the joy of listening to Jupiter ask a zillion times if we're done yet, when I am looking for something for myself.

And for all this, they don't even charge a fee.


Thank you, PPL and all the Maine libraries.


M.J. Fifield said...

Libraries are pretty awesome, aren't they?

Emily said...

We use the Minerva system all the time as well- such an incredible gift to be able to order the book (even from another library!) and pick it up quickly. You know, like when you have a virtual army of cranky kids and the thought of keeping them quiet in a library isn't all that appealing...!