Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guess Who??

No, Maine has NOT fallen off the face of the Earth.  Not that one could tell from my prolific blog posts or anything.  We are, in fact, still here.  And even with three extra days off this week, and having the chance to catch up on a great many things, I still have not caught up with everything.  I suspect that ever being caught up with everything is a state that exists only in my imagination. 

Life is not boring.  That is for sure and absolute certain. 

Even now I am multitasking; uploading 75 photos to Shutterfly while I compose this. Don't ask how many photos I have left to upload to Shutterfly. I couldn't even begin to estimate that number.  I finally got my new camera (thanks to a great Amaz*n sale and gift cards I got for my birthday).  There are only two problems with the camera.  While excellent for photography; and capable of performing a great many functions I don't know how to make it do, it's not good for say, bringing along snow tubing.  Also; I have great difficulty in remembering to remove the lens cap before pushing the power button.  I wonder how many times I can get away with that before the camera breaks.

My last post was titled :Vegan Lent.  Shortly after I posted about Vegan Lent, Vegan Lent was brought to a premature end by Virulent Virus; which hit me like a truck on a Tuesday morning and literally dropped me to the floor.  Note: they really really hate it when you pass out at work. They also failed to belive me when I tried to convince them from the bathroom floor that I was "just resting".  As a result of the Virulent Virus; I could only consume rice crackers and chicken noodle soup.

No worries: no permanent damage was caused by the virus.  Large amounts of paper and mail did result; since they had to file an incident report with the insurance company in the event I needed workmen's compensation.  They sent me a copy of the incident report in the mail ( I take issue with the phrasing "Employee was found passed out in the bathroom".  I was not in any way, intoxicated.).  A copy of the incident report was followed in short order by a mileage sheet to submit in the event I had to travel to receive treatment for my workplace injury, and in a seperate mailing, an insurance card to cover any prescription medicines required due to said injury.  These mailings were subsequently followed by a mailing indicating the non coverage of my workplace injury as it was caused by a non work related condition.

But wait, there's more.  After that, I recieved a call and email that I had to sign and return a dependency form because I had missed more than 24 hours of work, even though the claim was denied.

I suspect logic such as this is directly related to the high incidence of insurance fraud.

Listening to BOOMING in the woods behind my house right now.  I'm so glad we've the governer has legalized fireworks now.  The ground is super dry, so I hope they are literally shooting off the fireworks IN the river.

While I was recovering from the flu, I had Jupiter's parent teacher conference.  She tells me that Jupiter is kind and compassionate.  I'm glad she is kind and compassionate at school.  Although it is generally me with whom she has no interest in being kind or compassionate.  She is able to read above grade level.  However, in my experience, she has problems answering open ended questions about material she has read.  Multiple choice is fine.  But short answer questions; she doesn't know what to do with.  Which was clearly illustrated to me one night when she read a passage about bears and what they did over a year.  The first question asked: "How was winter different from summer and fall?".  And Jupiter very reasonably asked: "Why are they asking about seasons?  The story was about bears."  Some nights I think I should shoot videos of homework time to show the school staff.  During the conference, the sample reading paper asked "How was Sam's new house the same as his old house?"  Jupiter answered "Both houses have bushes in front and a big yard."  She only got partial credit because she was supposed to answer that he had a friend that lived near his old house and a new friend at his new house.  But the question didn't ask anything about friends, so she didn't tell them anything about friends.  She's literal.  If anything, she's becoming more literal. Also: she can't focus on sheet full of math facts and complete it in the time allotted to meet the state standard for 2nd grade.  Which is not a suprise for me.  Most days, she can't go in the bathroom and complete brushing her teeth without getting distracted by a toy, a water faucet, a washcloth, or a combination of any or all of those things.  And honestly, what's  important for me that she is capable of adding and subtracting.  She understands the concept and can perform it.  Not that she can do 50 facts in five minutes or whatever the standard is.  (I'm a little quite hostile towards the state standard).

We discussed these a week later at her 504 plan meeting. ( I also asked if they knew a place I could order unbreakable pencils).  Jupiter's teacher presented a list of accomdations she should have for next year.  They didn't take anything away.  It was excellent.  The next week, I emailed the coordinator to ask for homework accomodations because I forgot to ask for them in the meeting.  I remembered when we were in the car on the way home from swimming and I was asking Jupiter her math homework questions in the car on the way home because it's so much easier  than getting her to actually WRITE down the answers.  She emailed me back and said "absolutely."

That same week, Jupiter went on a field trip (to the Art Museum) without a family member. 

WHOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Okay, so she completely rocked and banged against the backseat of the car everytime she was in it.  But she went on the field trip. 

Ooops.  Long post.  Guess I should post more frequently. 

Tomorrow is supposed to rain, so I can't build garden beds out of cement blocks or hack out bushes with a hacksaw.  So maybe I can post two days in a row.

Look out blog world.


Diana said...

Dang, I wish our 504 meetings went that smoothly! I've been trying for 2 years to get them to write one. They're doing some stuff, but what they write in their plan is NOTHING like what they're doing. I don't get it. Then I got a certified letter from the school district the other day stating they are not going to revise the 504 again and the accommodations we've asked for ( extra supervision at recess and in the bathroom and they don't give my kid trinkets, treats, and other junk) are not necessary and that he only has problems at home.

Sorry you feel that way, school. Looks like they'll be no more meds at school for quite some time. Unfortunatley, the biggest loser in that is my son.

Diana said...

Oh, just in case I haven't told you, I've moved. My old blog has been shut down and I'm now blogging at