Monday, March 30, 2009

Developmental Eval/part one

On Friday morning Jupiter had a developmental evaluation at CDS for her behavorial/emotional issues. Jupiter did a WONDERFUL job. It was a LONG time for her to sit in that little room and she did great. Our evaluator was very open to listening to my concerns and wrote a lot down. She asked me about sixty questions in regards to behavorial milestones. I wish she would have given me that ahead of time, because it's hard to answer those off the cuff while removing the ends from a banana and worrying about not being focused enough on table manners because one of the questions is "Will she use a napkin to wipe her face at meals?"

Then while Jupiter and the evaluator were playing with colored blocks and picture books, I was supposed to fill out a blue sheet of behavior ratings. It looked very similar to the one I filled out for the Karyn Purvis's study last fall. The space for "What concerns do you have about this child?" was three lines long. The evaluator gave me more paper. I've concluded if your child has any type of special needs, you've accepted this when you automatically ask for more paper when filling out any sort of informational form in regards to your child.

The evaluator was supposed to come to Jupiter's school today for the classroom observation, but she rescheduled to Wednesday. I haven't received a written report yet, but she said that it was likely that we would write a plan for her for fall. Phew.

She did ask me what happened the last 2 times we've been through the system. I told her that both times CDS declined to pursue any type of evaluation for Jupiter. She said we haden't had good luck with the system so far..but she doesn't seem to be shuffling Jupiter to the back burner.

I'm interested to see what the report will say. She did mention that Jupiter scored gifted in the verbal portion. She also said that she would look for any classroom behavior that seemed to indicate an OT evaluation would be promises but she'll try.

I'm working on my list for the PLAN. Jotting down everything I can think of that I want to be included. I did an informal one last fall for Jupiter's preschool (parent's night ended before I even came close to filling out the informational form. I needed more paper :) )

I'm being paged by Jupiter. Off I go.


Lisa said...

Not sure if CDS is a public school but if it is you should check out It's always good to carry a copy with you to a school meeting.

Only when I mentioned that clothes were itchy to her, did they mention that she needed brushing in OT then trained me to do the Wilbarger technique at home.

Hoping your evaluator makes sure Jupiter gets all the services.

matryoshka said...

CDS is the early intervention birth to five in our state that does these evaluations before public school. I'll check out that website.

Jupiter was brushing herself with paintbrushes last week when she visited the pottery shop...I really really hope we get OT services.

Just got her to sleep...