Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new computer

The old laptop finally puked it up. It would only let me on a few websites and wouldn't let me post...at least not post anything with pictures. This evening we ran up the street to Staples to get a flash drive to try to remove some stuff from the laptop, and came home with a new desktop. We got the flash drive too. The computer was in the clearance pile, but seemed to be exactly the same as the one I was looking over in the flyer except that the monitor was 19 inches instead of 21 and a half inches. Why do I need a 21 and a half inch monitor anyway?? My first tv wasn't 21 and a half inches. I thought at first this computer didn't come with a monitor at all, but Elmo had said he had one we could use, so I wasn't that fussed, and then it turned out there was this monitor right in the box. And it's so darn big, even at 19 inches, I feel like the screen is attacking me. Glad I didn't get the 21 and a half inch. And the whole system was $100 less than I had expected to pay. Since there were only two systems left in the pile, I sucumbed to the impulse. And now that I can get on the internet, I can go to the state bureau of taxation website and apply for my property tax refund to pay off some of the computer.

Finally got everything hooked up, and then had to go looking for my blog on the internet. Jupiter is taking a break having a freeze pop, and then plans to play in the computer box. And she's excited because now we have a computer which will allow her to use Starfall. Which was part of the reason we got the new computer.

It's the second week of vacation. Last week we took a 2 and a half day trip to Connecticut (stayed in Connecticut) and New York to visit the Bronx Zoo and a few Manhattan highlights. When I get the housekeeping stuff done from the new computer, I'll post some pics. Bet you can't guess which pics Jupiter took. She definitely needs her own camera for Christmas.

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Lisa said...

Congrats on the new pooter. Can't wait to see the pics!