Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jupiter's Views of the Zoo

Jupiter does enjoy taking pictures. There are two baby gorillas in the really black picture if you can find them. The one above that is an extremely flattering picture of me. Jupiter says the next one is "Some guy's butt." I don't know. Bet he's glad his butt is now posted in the public domain. Top photo is self explanatory, but don't really know why she felt the need to photograph it.
Maybe she SHOULDN'T get her own camera for Christmas. Or if she does, I will be sure NOT to show her how to post them online.


Haleine said...

She definitely needs her own camera. How else will you nurture her budding photographic talent?

MimiX said...

haha, do u 'member the first pic I took, the one you told me not to take? this post reminds me of that... good times! :)