Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Shopping Update

I got my doll. And my outfit. I had to make them search the back stock room (just in case you're interested, the Tar*et website may indicate that an item is available, but in the case of certain items, that means that various types of the same item come in at the same time and available simply means that some KIND of that item is available. Not necessarily the specific one you are looking for. But they had it. Then I had to search the store for a coupon because I left mine at home. Go figure. Got both. All good.

Now I have a problem. Last year I hid all the Christmas stuff in the trunk of the car because I could lock it. Not a plan that works so well with my hatchback with the big giant window in the back. What was I thinking? Maybe I can hide them in the storage closet at work or something.

I got home from shopping and one of the fish was dead. I am horrifically squeamish about dead fish. With my eyes half closed I managed to get it out of the fish tank and flushed. I think Max or Eagle (whichever one is not dead) misses his buddy. Or possibly tried to eat his buddy because I forgot to feed them this morning during the mad dash out of the house so as not to be late for the IEP meeting. But the goldfish are almost two years old now. Quite geriatric by goldfish standards. Though he seemed to be swimming around just fine yesterday..so not sure what happened today. It's a mystery.

IEP went okay. We're going on a specific behavior goal plan where she checks in every morning and gets a specific behavior goal for the day. At the end of the day she checks out and gets to chat about how well the goal was reached or not reached. She gets stickers for good choices. I'm not sure how effective it's going to be, but at least it's something concrete she can see, so it's worth a try. She also gets a little sheet that the teachers get to fill out when they notice negative behaviors occurring. Part of this is for documentation purposes because there has been very little documentation thus far. Having motor breaks in the OT room once or twice a day has not been shot down. They think they can work that into the schedule. When we were discussing that piece the administrator thought there were other kids who would benefit from the same type of thing. I'm sure there are many of them. Why there isn't a program in place to provide that service to the kids who would benefit from this is beyond me. Well, it's money and staffing of course. But still annoying. We're already taking placement and transition for first grade. We all agree that handling that the right teacher and the transition are of the utmost importance.

Academically Jupiter is just fine. It's all the behavior and anxiety issues that challenge her. But she's working hard and Mrs. VerdantLand and I are very proud of her.


Haleine said...

Goldfish have no memory...the little plastic castle is a surprise every time.

Our last fish died a couple of weeks ago. He spent his last days sitting at the bottom the tank not doing anything but still breathing. Joe asked me if (and I quote) he should feed the fish or wait until it died. After I stopped laughing, I told him he should wait until it died and then feed it.

Glad the IEP went well...can't believe we're talking about first grade already.

Dia por Dia said...

Glad the IEP went ok. I always dreaded those meetings. We have lost 3 fish in the last two weeks (in 3 different tanks.) So either there's something misaligned in the stars or I have a fish-killer in the family... I am going to go with the misalignment theory...

I caved...did the christmas tree ... :-)