Monday, November 2, 2009

I hate hate hate daylight savings time

seriously. whoever invented this whole daylight savings time gig didn't have a kid. Especially one who relies on routine and structure and so forth.

About 45 minutes ago, we were in the living room and Jupiter was playing nicely. She dug her art box out from under her bed and we looked at every single thing in the art box. Then she played with the wooden house and the wooden boat that were in the art box. She was playing very nicely.

Then she proceded over to her puzzle/game shelf. She threw everything from the middle two shelves onto the floor. She told me she was looking for the thing she wanted to play with. Which was so not true. She started to throw the things she "wanted" to play with into a seperate pile. I told her she couldn't play with anything until she was responsible for the big mess she had just made and cleaned up. She balked at it. She started to haphazardly throw boxes onto the shelf. The pizza pieces and puzzle pieces she threw at the general vicinity of the shelf. I told her that was not how the games were on the shelf and she needed to do a better job so her pieces didn't get lost. Or, I could pick up the toys and they would become mine.

Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of several new toys and games which now reside in my bedroom and which she may earn back. Jupiter earned a one way ticket to bed, where she lost two of the three books we were going to read because she was kicking and screaming and hitting, so our book reading time was greatly reduced. She is not ready to apologize for spitting at me yet.

I forgot that when the clock says 7:15, it's really 8:15 in her routine and therefore she should already have been in bed. Sigh.

And yesterday, after the blood sugar crash induced fit, when she calmed down, I was telling her about how I tried to bake sourdough rolls on my new baking stone and they all stuck mightily to the baking stone and how disappointed I was because I was going to bring them to work and I wanted them to look nice. And she said, "I'm sorry that happened."


She's asleep now. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Lisa said...

Hoping today is better. I loathe time change too. For myself and my kids. Leave it alone already!