Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vapir & balla slprs

Juipter has totally gotten the "kindergarten writing" skill down. She now sounds out words and sentences and writes them 100% phonetically. Sometimes I can read it. Mostly I come up short and Jupiter tells me I can't read. Just because Mrs. VerdantLand can look at a page of kindergarten writing and read it like she was reading regular English writing.

Last Thursday I was emptying her backpack and I pulled out a red and black painting clearly labled "Vapir." She loves vapir's all of a sudden. I'm not sure why. I do not have her watching Buffy or anything like that. Maybe it's a Halloween holdout. Anyway, she painted a lovely picture in class. Complete with lots of red blood. It rated right up there with the "Life as an Army Demolition Expert" homework assignment. Fortunately it was in her regular classroom, not the art room. For some reason Mrs. VerdantLand didn't feel the need to hang the picture on the classroom door.

Aside from Vapir's, she can now write and draw in her journals. In the plural. She has many journals. She has at least three kids in her class also journaling because they see Jupiter getting such joy from her journals. She wrote a picture for her riding instructor (who, btw, is much quicker at reading kindergarten writing than I am) and labled that. She wrote a sign last week that said "Mi Mom is mad bekuz I lost mi balla slprs." Which was accurate. On Friday night I went nuts when I was cleaning her room and found her ballet bag shoved in the corner of the closet, packed with various dress up costumes, tap shoes shoved in a corner, leotard and tights mixed up in her bedsheets, and no balla slprs to be found anywhere in the house. I was convinced that I accidentally threw them away in the bag of Sunday School project scraps I accumulated while waiting for dance class to end the week before last. Since we didn't find the shoes in the lost and found, the dance school manager let us go through the back room box of shoes that people can take. Jupiter found a suitable pair of balla slprs in the box and we took those. I was less mad because I didn't have to buy a whole new pair. Jupiter likes the new slippers better because they are made out of velvet and are more comfortable than the leather ones were on her wide feet.

Today I bought gas. Since Jupiter wasn't with me, I went through the backseat of the car looking for stuff to throw away. I checked the secret compartment in the console. Guess what I found there. That's right...the lost balla slprs. Go figure. Guess we didn't look in the secret compartment. And I thought it was MY fault they were lost. HA!!


Haleine said...

Jupiter the Vampire Slayer! Is that girl my niece or what???

Just keep her away from Twilight...please, please, please!

matryoshka said...

I'm not sure if she wants to be the slayer or the actual vampire...