Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jupiter and Island Cycling

The last couple of days we've managed to give our Wiifit board a workout again. Jupiter has discovered the island cycling game. I bought the Wiifit plus disc for her birthday thinking she would enjoy the skateboarding game. Not so much. But now she's into Island cycling.

She's still on the beginner course. So there are big red barriers up every so often indicating that the flags you are supposed to find are not beyond that point. Jupiter, to my great suprise, spends most of her time trying to get around the barriers. LOL!!! When she's not trying to get into forbidden territory, she is driving her bicycle madly down hills (seems to give her a rush even if she's just standing on the wiifit board) and crashing off cliffs into the water. Yes, on purpose.

Today riding went an extra 15 minutes. The regular instructor is in Mexico (coming back tomorrow, just in time for the great blizzard, although we're only getting four inches up here in Maine. It's a miss for us.) and the fill in instructor forgot it was only a 45 minute lesson. So Jupiter and Abbi got an extra 15 minutes mounted time. Whoohoo!!! Today Jupiter was frequently reminded to "Use your words BEFORE you kick the horse." Hmmm. I've been saying variations of that for four years now. The girls have moved off their ponies to bigger, taller, more cooperative mounts. And Jupiter swiped a pair of only slightly too big riding pants which she wants to wear everywhere "because they make me feel proud." That's what she told me when she wanted to wear them to the Christmas concert. We compromized on a pair of kakhi's because she had literally been ON the horse in the riding pants before we went to the concert. I told her regular instructor last week about the proud thing.

Now I'm trying to get her OFF the wiifit (some beach segway game at the moment) so she can get ready for bed. But maybe she will sleep past six thirty in the morning which I will enjoy immensely.

Good night, all.

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Dia por Dia said...

Hope all is well. I gave you an award on my blog!