Saturday, January 2, 2010


Don't get me wrong. I love benderoos. I especially love that when my future graffiti artist puts them on the wall, they come off. Unlike Sharpie drawings. But there are a few places benderoos do not belong.

The other night Jupiter offered to "do my hair." I should have been suspicious immediately because in four years she has NEVER wanted to do my hair. She moved it around with very gentle fingers for about a minute and pronounced me beautiful.

Yup. She adorned my hair with a benderoo.

Benderoos do not come out of hair. They stick. Exceedingly well.

I was working on getting the benderoo out of my hair, making plans to wear a hat to work the next day until I could go to supercuts during my lunch and have them surgically remove the benderoo with sissors. But then Jupiter offered to help remove the benderoo. I didn't get a chance to stop her.

If you forcefully pull a benderoo out of your hair, it is excruciatingly painful.

I shrieked in pain. Loudly.

This prompted Jupiter to retreat to the couch with the hair covered benderoo and laugh her head off at me.

I understand the whole "innappropriate reaction" thing. I understand that nuerologically, my child's brain is wired differently. But it hurt and her laughing at me did not make me feel any better about it. Sometimes I just wish that she could understand how hurtful it is when she causes me physical pain and how even more hurtful it is when she laughs at it. Such a basic thing and it seems to be completely outside her realm of understanding sometimes.

Anyway, we work at it a little each day.

If there are benderoos in your household, keep them far far away from your hair :).

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Diana said...

Oooohhhh, I hate those moments when our kids remind us just how far they still have to go in their healing. And I especially hate it when they use us as their scapegoats.

Hope your scalp recovers soon. :-)