Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jupiter is cleaning her room

She was being destructive (her word) earlier. I wouldn't call it destructive so much as being just plain messy. She threw all the stuffed animals out of her closet, threw the dress up set of plastic drawers out of the closet, and took down a bunch of her clothes hanging in the closet and threw those on the floor.

My contribution to the cleanup has been reassembling the dress up drawers and putting them back where they belong. The stuffed animals and costumes and clothes that are on the floor she can pick up. Or I can pack them in a bag and take them to good*ill tomorrow on my lunch break. She has been warned.

I've already picked up that mess twice this week, one of which was yesterday. I am not doing it again. Yesterday she shouted at me to get her "ME ME ME" book while I was cleaning up the mess. I was not impressed.

She just came out in the Christmas dress that I tried all of December to get her to put on so I could take her Christmas picture. Maybe I'll take her Easter picture in it. I'll title it, " The Picture of Defiance." I just sent her back to her room and set the timer. I don't necessarily need her to pick up all the stuff. But I would like (aren't dreams nice?) her to show some EFFORT into taking responsibilty for the mess she has made.

I hear lots of singing going on. Listen for the shouting when I go in there with my big plastic bag. Some of you may be able to hear it.....

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Haleine said...

So THAT'S what that noise was...