Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick days are over

Well, Jupiter is back to normal.

Her normal high level energy is back. She's extra tired today from her first day back at school. She is not listening or making good choices.

I am blogging with my feet on her underwear drawer.

She was supposed to be putting her underwear on properly, but chose to rip it up instead. Then she didn't get why I wouldn't let her have a new pair of underwear to replace the destroyed one. I did let her keep the pj pants since she didn't rip those. And since I know she will get her own pair the very second I leave the room (and since I know from the name calling scratching and spitting that she needs some time to herself at the moment, I have to leave the room) she will get in the underwear drawer herself, I took the whole underwear drawer with me when I left the room.

She's got her music going now. Either she will fall asleep in two minutes from sheer exhaustion or she will keep rocking and eventually call me to lay down with her, in a much calmer state.

Still waiting to see which it will be.

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