Sunday, March 14, 2010

Supposedly it's all the kids

At literacy night, I asked one of the K teachers (not Jupiter's) if all the kids were extra wild this week, or if it's just mine. She said it was all of them.

I sure hope so. I haven't had a chance to blog lately so I'll hit the hilights.

Jupiter failed to respond to the whistle ending noon recess three times this week. So on Thursday, she lost her afternoon recess. Afternoon recess is at the very end of the day, so the loss doesn't really affect her classroom functioning ability. She got to stay in the room and put her head down. Probably having some quiet time didn't hurt her at all, really. Of course, we had Literacy night Thursday night from 6-7pm. Jupiter was functional until about 6:18. Then she ran all around the cafeteria, then she said she was going to get a drink in the hallway. I found her in the lost and found. She found her hat. It took her until 8:30 to go to sleep.

Around 9pm I went to get ready for bed. I went in the bathroom and my feet got wet. At 5:40, before we left for Literacy Night, Jupiter closed the sink drain, left the water on a teeny trickle, and off we went.

I drained the water out of the sink, wiped up the floor, and listened to the rain falling in my basement for the next 20 minutes. Hopefully the sub floor will dry and I won't have a bathroom sink fall into my basement some day.

She wrote 100 on my mother's lampshade.

She drew a picture on the bathroom vanity at my mother's house. B reports it's a nice picture.

Last night I started to brush my teeth. The toothpaste seemed to taste funny. The bubbles were weird too. Then I noticed it smelled like soap. The soap didn't taste very good. It was unfortunate that I brushed for a whole minute before I figured it out, because it created a whole lot of not nice tasting bubbles.

Even the riding teacher asked me yesterday if Jupiter had had a long day or was up late the night before. I managed not to say that Jupiter's day wasn't nearly as long as mine was :).

She did let me go to Walmart while she was at dance class yesterday. Of course I rushed and when I got back to dance listened for screaming and crying. There was none, although when I peeked in the window Jupiter seemed to have her plaid skirt on over her leotard. The very same skirt that she took OFF in the grocery store before dance because she decided it didn't go with her leotard.

And the messes. Jupiter wants me to check her room now. Last I knew she shoved everything in her closet...but at least she's making SOME effort.

And today is time change. whoohoo. Maybe this will be the worst of the season change behaviorals. I sure hope so.

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Diana said...

Oh, goodness! RAD is so much fun, isn't it? But be comforted - I'm sure the rest of the world has already told you not to sweat it because it's "just normal kid stuff!" BWAH-HA-HA!!!!!!!

Hope things get better for you soon!