Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad Timing

Today, after I picked up Jupiter, we went to the pharmacy to buy her a new toothbrush. Last night at bedtime she decided to throw her toothbrush (with toothpase already applied) into the crack between the vanity top and the wall. (and as to why there is a two inch space between the vanity top and the wall, let's just say I should not be allowed to orchestrate diy home improvements.) So she didn't brush her teeth last night or this morning. That'll go over well at the dentist tomorrow.

Anyway, we went to the pharmacy to buy a new toothbrush. I told Jupiter that she would have to replace the toothbrush with her own money, since she made the choice to render the toothbrush I bought her useless. Of course I had forgotten to bring her money, so when we checked out and the toothbrush she chose rang up at $3.99, I said, "Okay, when we get home you have to give me $4 for the new toothbrush."

Teenager cashier was a little startled, I think. Maybe I should remember not to say things like that out of context. She probably went home and posted on her facebook page about the really mean mother who makes her six year old pay for her own toothbrush. I did not feel the need to explain myself too her, so if anybody happens to see that facebook post from Teenager cashier.....

If the cashier had been a mother, I might have explained myself.

One time, when Jupiter was about three, I did happen to pick up a toothbrush for her one day when we were at the store I hate most in the world. She sat in the cart and cried, "THANK YOU MOM FOR THE NEW TOOTHBRUSH!" So of course all of those people thought I never bought my child ANYTHING, she was so darn happy about the toothbrush.

And since she goes to the dentist tomorrow, she'll get a new toothbrush anyway.


Haleine said...

How can you be sure the teenage cashier wasn't a mother?

Christine said...

Have sooooooooooooooo been there.