Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wish I had been there

This afternoon, Jupiter had an adventure. I'm retelling the story secondhand, so I'm sure it's nowhere near as exciting/frightening as it was firsthand.

The spring weather means that Jupiter has been outside a lot. This afternoon, she was outside with Mimi and Feather, a golden retreiver dog about a year old who was visiting. Jupiter had been running and playing with Feather. Then, Jupiter got into her wagon. She had evidently, unbeknownst to Mimi, attached a leash to both Feather and the wagon. Then the dog got spooked.

Jupiter got to go for a ride. The dog zigged and zagged all over the yard (not broken to pull wagons) trying to get away from the big noisy thing behind her. The wagon tipped and Jupiter fell out (onto the grass) and still the dog ran. She did eventually stopped and was seperated from the leash and the wagon. The dog promptly hid behind Mimi and didn't want to play with Jupiter anymore.

Jupiter is fine, by the way. She got some dirt on her pants. Knowing Jupiter, she thought it was great fun and will want to do it again.

We think the dog has PTSD. Not sure that my sister will get to keep that dog sitting job.

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