Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Mailbox Owner:

I fully expect to get a letter from the mail delivery person any time now. Yesterday, Jupiter made a very nice card and letter for her new best friend whose initials are JB. Then I found her an envelope which she addressed to her new best friend JB, and ran out and put it in the mailbox and put up the little red flag so the mailperson would stop and pick it up. Not stamped.

I meant to go out and retrieve it, but I forgot. It was gone this afternoon, so I assume the envelope will be finding its way to JB postage due. I'm sure he's got extra to cover a little postage though.

It's not the first time. The last time was to Troy. Both times, she wanted them to come visit our house. Before Troy, it was Greg from the Wiggles. But for Greg she wasn't quite up to writing a whole letter, and just bounced away on her rocking horse to Australia to chase Greg. I never understood the Greg thing until I saw him on a tv interview during which he was not wearing his Greg suit from the show. He looks much better in regular clothes.

She's been known to mail rocks. She plastered the outside of the mailbox with Hello Kitty stickers one day.

I think the mail person probably approaches the box with anticipation; wondering what's in store for today.

I am glad for the opportunity to promote non boredom in my mail carrier's day.

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Mama C said...

So sweet! Three cheers for the art of letter writing in all forms. Addressed or not!