Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Siren Call of Mating Feral Cats

That's what I heard out my bedroom window at approximately 1:10am. One has been sheltering under my bushes in the front of the house next to the foundation (since we have four feet of snow everywhere). Apparently last night she had a visitor.

That's loud. Then Autum Leaf had to come running in and jump on my bed because of all the racket.

It took me two hours to go back to sleep. For part of those two hours, I had to go lay down with Jupiter. Maybe the racket woke her up too.

It was really hard to stay awake during the long boring conference call today.

High of 22 degrees today. I sincerely hope this is the last really cold snap we have. Tomorrow we're supposed to have a high of 29. Then, we're supposed to have highs above freezing.

My standards are low for March. Highs above freezing, and rain instead of snow. That's pretty much all I ask.

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