Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Garden 2011

It's begun. I started seeds on Saturday. Eggplant, tomato, and sweet pepper. I can't start the rest of the seeds until I get up to Pinetree Garden Seeds on Thursday to purchase the rest of my seeds. I used to stop in on my way home from work, until my hours changed from leaving work at 2pm to leaving work at 4pm. Which is when PTG closes for the day. So I'm going on Thurday, after the orthodontist (goodbye palate expander which I haven't even finished paying for) and before the IEP (do I want the administrator to stay awake during the meeting, or fall asleep, which I hear, has happened before) meeting. Now I keep peeking under the lid of the seed starting tray, checking for germination. Nothing yet. Watched seeds never grow. Oh yeah, I also ordered some seeds from a catalog but I have an email that indicates they are enroute. Now I'm just missing the pumpkins. The type I like to grow in my small garden is available from one catalog this year. The seeds are about $2.50. But they want $7 for shipping. I.Don't.Think.So. So I'm trying to pick out a different one to grow. Although maybe I should just skip them. Last summer the pumpkins ripened the second week of August, and turned mushy the week BEFORE Halloween. Needless to say, the garden in my imagination is much more beautiful and productive than my IRL garden. Then just for fun, (and really, who needs groceries?) I ordered some cherries and citrus and a kiwi plant from another catalog. Jupiter loves cherries and kiwi (hardy to zone 5)...if I can make them grow and protect them from the Abundant Maine Wildlife surrounding my house. /The citrus will have to live in a pot like the bay tree (which I've managed to keep alive for a decade. So that's something). We've already had a groundhog sighting, btw. We also have daffodil sightings though. Forecast for Friday, April 1st....snow. 6+ inches possible. Too bad I have an oil change and 37 other errands scheduled between 9am and 2:30. Spring in Maine.


M.J. Fifield said...

We had daylilies coming up right before four inches of snow came down. They don't seem to be doing so well now.

I'm really just curious to see how my newly installed lawn survived the winter.

Anonymous said...

Will look forward to hearing how the garden gets grownin' Mama. We have some radish, petunia, and cuke packets to start. I have a little urban driveway garden that is my lifeline.

And no, I am NOT looking forward to a snow day Friday.

To germination!