Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today's Homework

Directions: Choose twelve words from the spelling lists (five seperate lists for unit 2) that you have a hard time spelling. Copy the word neatly. Say the word. Write the word again.

Jupiter: I don't get the directions.

Me: Read the directions to me. Out loud.

Jupiter: But there aren't 12 words that I have a hard time with.

Me: Then just choose twelve words.

Jupiter: This is too easy. It's boring.

Me: You still have to do it. If it's easy it shouldn't take too long.

Short while later:

Jupiter: I can't find the other (word list) paper.

Me: Then look for it. I'm not getting involved in this drama.

Short while later:

Jupiter: There's a big mosquito in here.

Me: It's December. I'm sure there is not. If there is a bug, it is microscopic and will not bother you.

Jupiter: Don't you believe me?

Me: Nope.

Short while later:

Jupiter: It's all done now.

Me: I knew you could do it.

Math homework:

Cut out the shapes. Fold the dotted lines and tabs. Tape together to make pyramid shapes.

Jupiter: I don't like tabs.

Jupiter: I'm good at cutting.

Me (in my head). I know you are. You cut everything. Your hair. Doll hair. Your clothes. Doll clothes. Including the skirt of your Russia Barbie. But yes, paper too.

Jupiter: Will you help me fold the tabs?

Me: Yes. When you're all done cutting the paper.

She's jumping on the mini tramp now. With enough attitude for a u-haul.

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M.J. Fifield said...

I don't know about that large insect thing. You should see the size of the ticks I'm pulling off the Gator Girl.