Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2nd grade contraband list

Jupiter is ahead of schedule this year.

Yesterday, digging through her school bag, I found some crinkled up paper written in adult handwriting I did not recognize.  So out of curiosity, I unfolded it to see what it was.

It turned out to be a note addressed to "Emmie" from the Tooth Fairy.

So I dig through the bag some more and come up with a star reader pencil (which I know Jupiter has not earned yet), a small Advent sticker book, and a yellow plastic barrette of the kind I have not purchased. 

Questioning Jupiter about the origin of these items in her possession, I'm reminded of the...what was it again....Something Or Other she had this morning she was supposed to bring back to school.  I ask Jupiter if she returned the SOO back to school.

She went to her room and returned with a different SOO that she'd brought home over the weekend. Instead of bringing that back to school, she'd hidden it in her room.

I hauled out the plastic bags and we sorted the items by who they belonged too or where she had found them.  SOO number one was on the kitchen table.

Then I looked in her lunch bag and found two pink lip glosses. They belonged to the owner of SOO number two.

Last night I had to email Jupiter's teacher with a list of items she would be returning to school. 

For posts regarding Kindergarten and 1st grade emails to Jupiter's teacher with lists of items she would be returning, see here and here.

So Jupiter's backpack has gone on vacation early this year.  I'd take the lunch bag away as well, but she won't touch hot lunch, and Jupiter not eating is not an option.

The last two years, this was a February behavior.  Not sure if the accellerated schedule is a good thing or a bad thing.  And I THOUGHT she was doing well with pre-holiday behaviors; but apparently they've just reformatted. 

Two more days of school.  Which isn't really long enough to fully implement the "no backpack" plan effectively; so most likely that will carry over into some part of the new year.  Six more days until the post holiday "AHHHH" of school and work vacation.

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