Tuesday, February 3, 2009


On Friday night, we went to a girls basketball game in the town where I work, to see my friend's daughter C play basketball. Jupiter has been enthralled with basketball ever since she watched HSM and fell in love with Troy. So Friday morning, Jupiter packed her basketball costume so she would be all set to go to the game. Friday I got out of work early, and went home and scraped six inches of snow off the driveway from Wednesday's storm that I haden't had time to do yet, and then went to pick up Jupiter to go to the game.

Jupiter decided she would rather be stylish to go to the game, and was wearing a skirt and fancy tights and a shirt. It should have dawned on me that Troy was likely to be at the game. For the first hour or so, she made me sit with my hands clamped over her ears while she got used to buzzers and whistles and squeaky shoes. I was almost ready to leave when they started getting ready for the varsity game.

The varsity game had a BAND. The varsity game has CHEERLEADERS. Jupiter made friends with a couple of kids that had come to the game and forgot to be worried about whether her ears were covered. At which point she determined the game was the best fun ever and didn't want to leave. She cheered for the cheerleaders the whole time.

My favorite part of the game happened when the girl Jupiter made friends with covered her ears (either because of the noise or because Jupiter was covering hers..not sure which) and Jupiter reached over and gently rubbed her shoulder to make her feel better. I was SO proud of her!!!!


MimiX said...

That is so cute!!! :)

Haleine said...

Look at that budding cheerleader!!! Very, very cute.