Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its not January anymore

Good thing, too. See the picture of the snow at my house? Jupiter thought it was great being able to climb the snowbank and TOUCH THE ROOF!!!
I just love looking out my living room window and seeing nothing but snowbank. It does have an upside...it keeps some of the heat from escaping through the window. Normally when the snowbank gets this high it doesn't last very long..it's the south side of the house and gets more sun than anywhere else in the yard. But it's been cold enough this year we haven't done much in the way of melting.
At least today's storm went out to sea and we only got flurries. YAY!!!

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Haleine said...

Apparently, there's so much ice on our roof (even Joe raked it clean after the last storm) that its now leaking through the ceiling in my office. I am not amused.