Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last night Jupiter woke up around midnight. Her ear hurt. She whimpered about her ear hurting for the longest time, while I cajoled, begged, requested, etc...her to take some bubble gum tylenol so she could go back to sleep. But apparently she no longer likes tylenol. She also does not like orange advil, grape tylenol, anything liquid, or anything remotely ressembling medecine. So we rocked in the rocking chair for awhile, while she cried about her ear hurting and then whimpered for the kitty to come in (who, sensibly, was staying far away from the noise). She didn't go back to sleep while we were rocking, and finally I bribed her with a full Lindt truffle ball. She still hesitated to take the pink tylenol, but finally did. At least two of them...I'm still not convinced that the third one made it to her mouth. Then she talked about missing her Valentines Day party at school on Friday, and she was sad because she missed the "round crackers" they knew they would have. After some more conversation, I determine that they are Ritz crackers. Which we have in the cupboard. So then she wanted Ritz crackers. Then she wanted me to go back in my bed so she could rock and sing her heart out to Troy for the 39 and a half minutes until the tylenol kicked in and she went back to sleep. But at least the singing kept me awake so I could go back in and put the blankets back on her. It's 2:3o before I truly get to go back to sleep.

So tonight, I'm a little tired. Jupiter isn't tired, since she got to have a nice nap this afternoon. I ended up skipping exercise in favor of a nap today, because I suspect it will be close to nine pm before she goes to sleep tonight. And besides, its going to snow overnight, so I get to wake up early to shovel. I intend to dose her with tylenol before she goes to sleep tonight, just on the off chance she'll sleep all night.

I don't know what's up with the medecine refusal. I know better than to try liquid medicine, and after the liquid flagyl fiasco, I understand her reasoning on that. But she's taken tylenol in the past, so I don't know why the last couple weeks she's outright refused to take it. I even asked her if it was more important for her to get her own way, or to feel better. I have about every kind of children's pain reliever known to mom's in the cupboard, and she doesn't like any of them. Her doctor suggested buckwheat honey for cough if she didn't like liquid medicine. But she doesn't like honey either.

Yesterday she used her tball bat to hit balls that I pitched to her. She got some good hits, but does not want me to sign her up for tball in the spring. She even let me coach her a little, when I suggested that she use her eyes to look at where she wanted the ball to go. Otherwise she just closes her eyes, swings her whole body around, and the ball either goes into the snowbank or right at my head, depending on the trajectory. It didn't last long, since it was about 28 degrees and I can't pitch wearing mittens. But it was a fun few minutes.

Spring update in Maine: I smelled skunks yesterday and this morning on the way to work!! You know it's been a long winter when the first smell of skunk is exciting.

Goodbye for now from germ central...

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