Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sick Day (again)

Jupiter has a viral cold/cough/ thing. I am going to put a kleenex factory in my backyard. We have gone through BOXES of kleenex since Wednesday. The front of her face is irritated from all the kleenex. She does NOT want me to put any vaseline on the front of her face to make it feel better. She does NOT want any tylenol, advil, or cold medecine. She does NOT want me to wipe her nose for her. The cold is stupid, stupid, stupid. And I am stupid too. Because, of course, I GAVE her the virus germs on purpose so she would get sick.

Wednesday morning, she had a cough. She went to school anyway, and while she was there her teachers decided she had chicken pox. She does NOT have chicken pox. If she did, she would be scratching herself to death. Wednesday afternoon, she had a fever. Wednesday night, she called me to lay down with her and she was shaking under the blankets.

Thursday, we stayed home. She did NOT want her oatmeal. She did eat some ice cream. We watched a few hours of Lassie with Ranger Corey ON DEMAND. I used to love ON DEMAND. Then Jupiter figured out what ON DEMAND means. She KNOWS we can watch Lassie any time she wants, because it's ON DEMAND. We saw Ranger Corey and Lassie save a stray dog, a stray baby bear, and a stray human hermit. We saw the stray human hermit episode twice. We went outside for a half an hour for fresh air. We watched the Goofy Movie. She fell asleep during Wow Wow Wubsy. She didn't want supper, but wanted more ice cream. She didn't want her blue raspberry slushie Mimi brought her.

She will ALWAYS drink a slushie. So Friday morning, her temp was still up and she still wasn't eating, so I called the doctor and made an appointment. Just because it was Friday, and the option of waiting another day wasn't there. Two hours later, her temperature went down and she started eating. I should have known. We went to see the doctor anyway, just for kicks. Jupiter has a viral crud and an inflamed tonsil and a little fluid in one ear. Nothing which required antibiotics..YAY. Trying to give Jupiter oral antibiotics is always such a treat..I try to avoid it.

Today her nose continues to run non stop. She does NOT want me to put any vaseline under her nose where it's sore. And the cough which didn't appear one second while we were in the exam room is well apparent today...of course.

I'm dreaming of a good hot day so I can open all the windows and air out the house....but I'll settle for the day I can go look in the garden and see the signs of a real live chive poking out of the ground. February is half gone.....


MimiX said...
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MimiX said...

Aww, I hope Jupiter feels better soon!