Sunday, May 3, 2009

boy was i mad

Yesterday we were at the playground at the school up the street. We were leaving, about the same time as another family was leaving, and the daughter (maybe ten or eleven years old) was refusing to leave at the mother's request. They argued back and forth about it for awhile, and we left while they were still having the argument.

We happened to be parked next to them and while we were getting in the car mother and daughter appeared. I think they were reconciling at that point, but the mother looked at her daughter and said, "I should have left you at the hospital when you were born."

I think she was kidding. But my head whipped around, and I almost yelled over to her "DON'T SAY THAT AROUND MY KID!!!" Whose birthmother did literally leave her at the hospital when she was born. I managed not to say anything. But I wanted too. Oh how I wanted too. I don't have that feeling often......but once in awhile........