Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jupiter spends all day at Kindergarten

When we had the meeting a couple weeks ago with one of the lead kindergarten screener, she offered to let Jupiter come to kindergarten with Mimi someday if Mimi was a substitute in her room. That day turned out to be today, as the call came at 6:30 am to substitute for the ed tech and an hour later they were in school in the extended learning classroom. Our district is going to All day K for everyone in the fall, but currently offers an extended learning program for the kids most considered at risk and in need of catch up stuff. In terms of skills, Jupiter is not in need of the extended learning classroom, but I wonder if it might not be a better fit for her in terms of the structure provided and experience with behavorial issues. Something to keep thinking about before the IEP meeting...

anyway, Jupiter had a great day. One of her friends from her old school last year was in the class and was happy to see Jupiter. The teacher was able to see how well behaved Jupiter could be, and, when Mimi disappeared around the classroom divider, how quickly paralyzing panic could set in. And how a five minute break from the room can settle her down. The teacher said that she did really well and fit in well with the class. During the story Jupiter and her friend from last year's school kept talking and had to be told to be quiet (yay!!!! Jupiter was spoken to for talking to another child!!!! It's so great!!!!!!) During recess on the playground Jupiter even got more than five feet away from Mimi and played with the other kids. After lunch she got a little tired, so she had a little quiet time snug in a little blanket nest between the teacher's desk and the wall, and read books quietly by herself, and when she was ready came back and joined in centers. But she kept it together very well for the entire school day.

When I came to pick her up they'd just gotten back from school and Jupiter was busy eating everything in the house. It was apparent she needed to burn off some steam; and completely understandable. When she was done eating she went up to play with her toys, and I said I would call her in five minutes. About ten minutes later I called her and an unholy banshee came wailing down the stairs, spitting and hitting and biting. I turned her around in a bear hug and held her so she couldn't hurt me, as she cried that she wasn't ready to go. And in a voice barely more than a whisper, I asked her what she needed to do. And she calmed down enough to ask if she could have a couple more minutes because she wasn't done. She asked me to come up with her, so I did and we had a quick Army versus mutant toy battle, then she set her toys up for the next day before we went home.

So yes, she had a good day, but it obviously took some effort on her part to hold it together for the whole day. But she was very proud to go to "big school" all day and I told her a couple times (if I tell her more she'll get all huffy at me, so can't overdo it) that I was proud of her and she did a great job. In the morning she goes to her regular school..where I hope someone tells her teacher that Jupiter was talking to another child during story time :)

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