Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sorry for the lack of posts

I've been a little behind on my internet socializing lately. This week at work (at which I never do any form of internet socializing, of course :) ) I'm training somebody how to do my job and use our computer systems. Of course, this is so she can take my job back to NJ with her. She's perfectly nice; the whole group of them are. But I still like my job. I'm going to have another job. They even know what it's called. They have yet to determine what the job actually ENTAILS. But it still involves a paycheck, so far as I know. Might not want to quote them to closely on this one. But since my visitor doesn't need me to teach her how to read things on the internet, I'm a little behind.

Jupiter went to visit kindy again today; only for a half a day this time. When I picked her up she had no focus, didn't follow directions, and since I was working late (see above), we didn't get to go to the playground. She also got mad because I did not manage, today, to buy her a new dog bed with sides on it large enough for her to put in her bed while she is sleeping so she can sleep in a cozy safe feeling nest. She did not handle it well. She did manage to turn the mad into sad, cried all the way home, and begged, repeatedly, to go to the playground. We went home. She turned back into mad and spent five minutes in her room when we got home.

We had supper. Jupiter ate a toasted whole wheat bagel (no topping) and a yogurt smoothie. But she was still hungry. She ate a fruit roll up, but she was still hungry. She ate a banana, but she was still hungry. She ate a half a cup of cherrios, but she was still hungry. She ate another half a cup of cherrios, but she was still hungry. She started to eat a cinnamon graham cracker, but she decided she didn't like it.

I think maybe she was a little hungry there. Never does good things for her behavior when that happens. Which is why I wrote a whole paragraph on the importance of Jupiter eating for school next year. Now if CDS ever schedules the IEP meeting...maybe I should just schedule it with the school staff and tell them when they should show up.

Spring is on the way back. This morning we had FROST, but it's supposed to get warmer again. Not to mention on Saturday at Farmer's Market it was 53 degrees. I think the wind chill was about 37. May is tough in Maine...the ocean really makes it hard for the warmth to make any headway..it stays cold a long time and seems like it will never end. I know it will, but my waiting is of the impatient sort. Shocking, I know.

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Haleine said...

Yeah, we had frost too. I actually had to wear my down jacket when I took the dogs outside in the morning. Yipee.