Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Jupiter's last day of being five

In the morning, she will be six. years. old.

I remember doing lifebook pages when she was a baby and thinking how long it would be before I got to do the fifth birthday one. And now we've even passed that.

This afternoon Jupiter had three friends over to B's paint shop to paint some pottery together. It wasn't supposed to be a party, but somehow morphed into one, so yesterday afternoon I had to beg and plead with my boss to get out of work early (after Monday's mental health day) today so I could attend the party. I figured it out when I started getting emails from the other parents about what Jupiter would like for gifts and what time should they arrive.

Then I ended up leaving work a half hour later than I planned. So I missed the actual painting. But I caught the very end of gift opening and got to eat a cupcake. Jupiter was busy with her friends and just checked in with me twice.

By the time we got home, she was exhausted. She completely denies that her birthday causes her any anxiety whatsoever. But I know better. Tonight she had a completely exhausted meltdown because she was trying to open her new box of beads and needed help and at that moment I was trying to make treats for school involving marshmallows and rice krispies and fruit rolls and I was in the time critical part where the rice krispies and marshmallow had to be spooned onto the fruit rolls before they weren't soft anymore.

Didn't happen. I got about five fake sushi rolls made. None of them looked like the picture in the book. Gave up on that plan. Will send cookies to school for special snack. Jupiter hung onto me and cried her exhaustion out. Then she ate and went to bed after one story. She called me in to lay down with her which I did until my alarm went off in the morning, but she slept well.

Fast forward to Thurs. night. We had ice cream cake and pizza. Totya came down from Conway where she lives. Jupiter gave me a big hug when she opened the Benderoos. She also got a drawing pad that shows you how to draw horses, a My Horse and Me Wii game, WiiFit plus (okay, that was for me too. But it does have a skateboarding game!) a couple Barbies, a plaid skirt and a few long sleeve tops, and a couple horse beanies.

Low key, and stuff she really likes. And Saturday afternoon it's going to rain, so we can stay home and play with the new stuff all afternoon. Perfect!

Now she is 6.

Tomorrow we're having pizza for dinner and ice cream cake at Mimi's house. I got her benderoos because she drools over them everytime she sees them.

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MimiX said...

Can't beleive she's six!I feel like she just came home from Russia...Tell her I send her love and a happy birthday!