Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Sweet Sound of my Daughter's Voice

The title of this post is going to sound odd when you first start reading. Go with it and keep reading, though.

This morning I went in to wake Jupiter up, as usual. I rubbed her back for a few minutes before getting down to the process of actually getting her out of bed and dressed. Since it's vacation, she can stay in her pj's for all I care. She wanted me to pick out her clothes. So I went to her dresser and chose blue athletic pants and a matching shirt.

She told me she didn't like those. They weren't stylish and she wanted leggings. I asked her why she wanted me to choose her clothes if she wasn't going to wear what I picked. I went back to her dresser and got leggings. She said she was tired and wanted me to help her get dressed. (BTW, I LOVE the mornings when she wakes up, gets up, and dresses herself independently. She can so totally do that when she wants too.) But she laid on the bed like a big floppy lump and didn't really let me help her get dressed. So I informed her if she wanted help, she needed to cooperate.

She said, "What are you, a dumb dumb head?"

I dropped her shirt on her head and left the room. She yelped in protest, because she thinks I should A- continue to help her, and B- speak disparingly of me the entire time I am trying to help her.

I went to the kitchen to put on my coat and start the car. From the kitchen, I loudly informed her that "Speaking that way may be alright for other children, but it is NOT okay for you."

I started the car and turned the heat on to warm up the inside. I went back in the house and back to her room for round 2.

Jupiter still had not put on her shirt. I told her that I was going to count to five, and if she didn't put on her shirt I was putting it in my coat pocket (it has huge pockets) and she could go without it.

She chose not to put on her coat. So I put her shirt in the coat pocket. Then I suggested that she might want to put on her coat, or I was taking her out to the car in what she had on. I got to three before she decided to put on her coat. She didn't put on her boots, so I carried her out to the car, since I was shooting for a natural consequence and not frostbite.

She called me another name when I dropped her off with Mimi. I told her to have a good day and I loved her, and then I went to work.

At 10:30 this morning, I received an email from church. Kelli H, a young girl who has been fighting a cancerous brain tumor for over a year, died last night. Kelli was an acolyte on Sunday and we shook hands during the Peace when we came up from Sunday School. I am not sure what happened to cause her passing so suddenly. I imagined the pain her family feels at this time.

At 12:30, Mimi called me to ask a banking question, which I answered for her, then we talked about some other things, including Kelli's death. Then, before we hung up, I could hear Jupiter in the background, chatting about something or other. I couldn't hear any words..just the voice that is uniquely hers.

And it was the sweetest sound.

It went straight to my heart.

I love my child fiercely. Despite the battles. In fact, I love her steadfast determination and huge character. And beautiful voice.

Please pray for Kelli's family.

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