Sunday, February 28, 2010

The germ festival

On Thursday morning, CC (the baby Mimi and B are babysitting) came to the house after having thrown up during the night.

On Friday, Mimi called me to ask if B could take Jupiter to the Bounce Zone after school, and they would be back by five pm.

At 4:15, she called me back to say she was now sick and had to leave school; and that B would bring Jupiter home when they were done at the Bounce Zone. I went to the store I hate most in the world to pick her up some supplies that B could take home to her when she dropped Jupiter off.

On Saturday, we went to basketball. Jupiter came over to rest three times. Then we headed over to Falmouth for dance class. When we got to the Falmouth branch of the store I hate most in the world, Jupiter told me her stomach didn't feel good.

I talked her out of dance class. We went home instead. She ate a few bites of lunch and I put both of us down for a quiet time. She spent 90 minutes of quiet time shouting every few minutes, asking if it was time to go to riding. Then she fell asleep.

At 3pm I went to wake her up. Couldn't do it. She was burning with fever. So I called her riding instructor and cancelled. (I was very sad because Heidi told me she had all different "Olympic" events set up for the girls that day. But fever= no riding.)

She woke up around 5pm miserable. But she told me I'm the best Mom for taking care of her when she feels sick. We read most of Little House in the Big Woods.

Today we stayed home and rested. Her stomach is better, but now she has a horrible croupy cough. Her fever went back up to 101 this afternoon. So she has a mandatory day off from school tomorrow. They can't go back to school until they've been fever free without fever reducers for 24 hours.

I called to check on Mimi and found out that B also got sick Friday after she dropped Jupiter off. They're both recovering at this point.

It's supposed to snow tonight too. This after the 3 inches of rain and slightly less than hurricane force winds we got last week. The weather really can't decide what it wants to do. But the daffodils are poking up out by the brook. Or possibly the small stream floodwaters just washed away all the soil around them.

So we might be home sick tomorrow. Jupiter asked if we could stay home together. I could be enticed into that fairly easily. Not a whole lot of enticing required.

I just figured out I never took a shower today. I was busy using disinfecting wipes on everything remotely disenfectable. At least my hands are clean, I guess.

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Haleine said...

So, is the store you hate the most the same one that denied me Nyquil because I lacked a license?

Sorry Jupiter had to miss riding...she really would have loved the Olympic theme.