Wednesday, January 28, 2009


That's the sound of peace reigning.

Seriously today, a whole different kid. She gave me a hug and a kiss when I went to work, didn't make a fuss when I picked her up..which was especially good considering I was three hours early in that regard, and we mellowed out all afternoon. We did a few stretchy exercises and watched an old Lassie episode on demand. She ate her whole bowl of fried rice at supper, jumped on her mini trampoline for awhile, got into bed, we read four books, and she went to sleep. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the hug and kiss goodnight...

She slept for ten hours..I slept for 8 whole entire uninterrupted hours. What an amazing difference sleep can make...hopefully now we can look on the bright side of life (I'm singing the song in my head) and keep the streak going.

Going to sleep early again in fact, just in case I have to get up at 3:30 and shovel my way out of the frozen tundra. This morning the forecast skipped the whole "inches" thing in snow accumulation and just went with feet. As in 1-2 feet. But it seems to be changing over to some sleet/freezing rain, so hopefully we'll be on the low side. It hasen't been warm enough to melt the snow I piled up in front of my living room window after the last snow..the window is covered with snowbank til about halfway up. Ahh, the joy of winter in Maine. At least it's supposed to get warmer soon. If it gets to 35 degrees, I'll probably feel hot.


hippymummy said...

sA full nights sleep - and in your own bed too! Fantastic! Isn't life more bearable when you've caught up a little on your sleep.It's sooo difficult to deal with a tired poppet who HATES. Everything, mam, bed, books, tv, food the dog, the universe and everything in it! I hope this sleeping well is going to be a regular thing now, Namaste xXx

MimiX said...

Yes, I think that french you spoke has stayed with me. And yes, it did annoy me. But now that I can actually unerstand it, I think I can appreciate it more! :)