Monday, March 23, 2009

Me and the MP3

I am officially old. As in, not up on the latest technology.

For my ten year anniversary at the company where I work, I got to choose from a catalog of prizes. The MP3 player was, I thought, the most useful thing on that list. I thought it was a SONY MP3 player.

My new MP3 prize came in the mail. I opened up, and it said COBY. I wonder how much money COBY spent to do a study to determine which two letters they could change to make COBY look just like SONY if the same font was used.

Anyway, I got this MP3 player. In, I think, October. Today, March 23rd, I actually managed to put songs on the MP3. First I had to find the thing. (It got relocated to the sunporch during the Great Bathroom Renovation.) Then I stuck the cord into the computer, and the computer refused to recognize the new hardware. So then I had to find the driver disc thing. By taking out the entire desk drawer and removing everything methodically from it. Finally I found it.

I hooked up the MP3 again, and got ready to put the disk in the drive. When, of course, my computer decided to recognize the new hardware, and I no longer needed the stupid disc.

Then I had to transfer some music from the hard copy CD's to the computer. But this laptop only has about a teeny tiny bit of functional memory on it, so it gets jammed up about every other CD.

I gave up. I brought the MP3 to work today anyway, mostly to drown out the person whose loud and unenlighted comments drive me up the wall. I planned to listen to the radio, since it has that function.

I ended up with a choice of two stations. One I could live with. One was no way am I listening to that unenlightened crap. For that I could just listen to my coworker.

Then there are the earbud thingies. I can't get them in right. Probably because the earbuds are made for a giant. They don't stay in. Then when I try to fix them, they get caught in my hair.

At which point, I can't figure out how people use these things. It CAN'T be that hard. Millions of people use these things. I am apparently technically deficient. I can't figure out how to change the volume, make a playlist, or get from one function to the other. My cube neighbor (who can build his own websites) tried to help me when I couldn't hear anything. That's right folks, the connection was lose so the music wasn't traveling up the little wire to the earbuds. There's probably a video of me somewhere on youtube, struggling with this little teeny machine. And loosing.

BTW, tonight, I have successfully managed to transfer some music files TO THE MP3!!! Go me!!!

Maybe I can get Jupiter to run it for me.

And also btw, the volume on the MP3 player isn't loud enough to drown out the cat puking on my rug. She's done puking now.

Check back for tech updates.

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Lisa said...

I'm somewhat technically savy and I struggled with MP3 too.

You'll get the hang of it!