Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reading Marathon

Yesterday Jupiter started to act up at supper. She squished her tomatoes into her water mug, stuck her hands in the water, and spit at me when I told her that's not what we do with tomatoes or cups of water. So she spit at me, and promptly was sent to her room.

I went back in five minutes. She said she didn't remember why she was there, or what we have to do after we hurt somebody.

I went back in five more minutes. When I opened the door she stuck out her tongue and made the raspberry at me.

I went back in five more minutes. I asked if she had something to say to me. She said "sorry." She even looked at me a little bit. I asked if she was ready to give me a hug. She asked me to give her a hug. So I did. Then I carried her back to supper. I fed her most of her salad. Minus the squished tomatoes. She had some candy cane for dessert.

While she ate her candy cane, we sat on the couch together and read the new library books. We read 17 library books. We read them for an hour and a half. She leaned on me. She fell asleep for a tiny minute during the 16th book, but woke herself back up. After the last book, I carried her to bed. She asked me to lay down with her. I did. She asked me to rub her back. I did. And she went to sleep.

Tonight we got it right.

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Lisa said...

I'm so glad she got it back together.
Yay for the two of you!