Sunday, March 1, 2009

more snow a-comin

It's about to snow. Again. One of Jupiter's classmates mother told me today in church (Family Sunday. No Sunday school. A church full of restless kids trying to be quiet for a whole hour. Or at the least, five minutes. Jupiter went to Communion with gum in her mouth (I grabbed the gum and held it behind my back with one hand while holding my Communion bread in the other hand) and managed to get her fingers in the Communion wine while attempting to dip her minniscule piece of bread in the wine. It was easier when she had no interest in the wine :) ))

Where was I? Oh yeah. Snowstorms. I seem to post a lot about snowstorms. Don't know if that's because I'm whiny, or if it just snows a lot. But Timber's Mom said that they've missed five days of school this year. And they only go three days a week, so that's a fine accomplishment. And tomorrow looks like another one. We're going to get a foot, give or take a few inches, this go round.

Welcome to March. I keep looking at the long range forecast, looking to hit 40 degreees two days in a row. I think about mid March last year, I was actually digging my herb garden OUT of the snowbank in which it was buried, because I was THAT desperate. Even Jupiter is ready. Yesterday she brought her scooter into the house. Today, she wore shoes without socks, and a sleeveless dress top over her jeans to church. I did entice her to change out of the shorts she was wearing, but I wasn't willing to wage a three hour battle over socks and sleeves. She wasn't going to get frostbite, so not worth it. One of the middle school girls was wearing sandals, so I guess the spring fever is becoming epidemic.

This morning I found Jupiter in her room. With the cat. The cat was in the doll umbrella stroller and covered with a blanket. "Mom!! The cat LOVES me now!!!!!" I liberated Autumn Leaf from the doll stroller. What a good cat. She went to hide downstairs for awhile. Good kitty. She's starting to appear more often and let Jupiter pat her..and she even got on the bed this week at bedtime while we were reading. Jupiter thought that was great. And good news...I managed NOT to kill the fish last week when I cleaned out the aquarium. They were kinda laying on the bottom for the while, and I kept thinking, oh please, don't let them BOTH die. But they're both fine now. And we can even see them in the water now...bonus.

Well we're off to go to Home Depot and give them bathroom money. Which I had planned to do tomorrow, but the Weather Channel's MEGASTORM should be in full force then. Maybe we'll make it to the pool for a little while too....I love the sauna part at the end!!

Happy March, everyone!

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Haleine said...

Joe's been going on about the Carolinas and how they've received a record amount of snow this winter...a grand total of five or six inches. I think he'll be taking my car to work tomorrow and take a detour straight to the south.