Tuesday, March 10, 2009

premature lecture

Jupiter had an interesting day at Mimi's today. She got into the "only touch this if an adult is helping you" nail polish and nail polished six Barbies. Happy Birthday Barbie. Most of them were nail polished on the face. One of them was notably polished on her d cups. She left the front door open and Hyper Piper the dog escaped and went romping through the woods, thereby earning some crate time. Which she may have enjoyed as a respite from being dressed up in antlers and jingle bells and being conscripted as Jupiter's reindeer. When Mimi spoke to her about the Barbie polishing, she covered her ears with her hands and announced that she wasn't listening.

When I was getting her coat and some kind of footwear on her to go home, I saw a bunch of green marks on the top of her hand. When I asked her what was on her hand she pretended not to hear me. Mimi told me they had talked about THAT today too. So I got her to look at me and said "Where do we use markers?"

Jupiter: "It's pen."

"Where do we use markers OR PENS?"

"On paper."

"Do we use markers on our skin?"


"Markers and pen do not go on your hands or any part of your body. We do not use them on ourselves, on the walls, on the carpet, or on the furniture. They're only for paper.!!!"

After we got home, I was getting Jupiter into the bath and happened to see her hand from a different angle. It's actually writing on her hand.

It says: Lina



She WROTE MY NAME ON HER HAND!!!! So now of course I could care less that she wrote on her hand. She probably could have tatooed it on there and I wouldn't care. I also didn't know that she could write Mama. (When I asked her where she learned to write Mama, she told me "School, of course. My teachers helped me. That's what teachers do.")

Of course she shouldn't write on her hand with markers. or PEN. But I can't help it, I still think WHAT she wrote is cool. I told her I was glad that it was a nice thing to write, even if it was on her skin. It was a little faded when she got out of the bath. Maybe after she falls asleep (I think she already is) I can sneak in and take a picture of her hand so I can remember it forever.

Last fall, btw, she could write POT. She was very good at writing POT. She adorned the entire house with POT. I anticipated the arrival of the DEA any day because of all the sticky note POT's everywhere. We tried to show her that if she switched the letters around, she could write TOP. But she preferred POT.

Yup, she's definitely asleep now. Time to get out my trusty camera.


Lisa said...

You crack me up. What a relief the DEA didn't show up! ;-0

Barbie totally deserved it. That's what she gets for having that figure. ;-0

Seriously, I know what you mean.

So tickled you had such a touching gift.

Haleine said...

I doubt you'll need a picture to always remember that...it's sweet! The POT thing cracked me up too.