Sunday, October 11, 2009

stream of consciousness thoughts

Right now Jupiter is making a house behind the glider chair in the living room. She's wearing an old dress of mine which hasen't fit me in years, and I have no reason or opportunity to wear probably at any point in the future anyway. She has shredded a pink feather boa and the living room carpet is covered in an inch of feathers. Her entire dress up box is all over the floor on top of the feathers. She just informed me that her house is very stylish. My house is a mess. A big mess. We have had the discussion that it is HER JOB to pick up the feathers. She agrees that it is HER JOB to pick up the feathers. That's because it's not time to pick up the feathers yet.

Friday night I replaced the unsafe 99 prizm with a 2006 malibu Maxx. Jupiter enjoys the new car. We got home at 8pm Friday night, and Saturday afternoon when we got home from dance, errands, and riding, the car had already become ours. We'd eaten food in the car, filled it with stuff, and Jupiter had drawn in (make that on) the backseat. She tried to tell me it was an accident. I said, "You drew a PERSON." She enjoys the moonroofs. Yesterday she stared out the moonroof at the trees and powerlines and gave me a running monolouge. I like the car so far. I'm exceedingly depressed at how old Jupiter will be when I finish making payments on the car. It's been a long time since I've had car payments. But there wasn't much choice. Every time we get in the car it takes five minutes before we can leave because Jupiter is busy exploring and pushing buttons. She does love bottons and switches. Remind me to tell you the fire alarm story some day.

And that holiday I was so excited about in the last post? On Friday at 2:30 (just before I left to go get a huge gigantic car loan) we were called into a meeting and informed that we no longer have a holiday. I can see their point. I am not suprised. But I am not happy. At this moment, I don't believe anyone is happy. Most of Friday I spent reminding myself "I could have taken severance." And yet I chose not too. Remind me of why again? And guess which financial institution picked up my car loan? THE PLACE WHERE I WORK. Of course they did. Like they don't take back enough of my money every month already. I keep reminding myself that work HAS to get better. And from a logical standpoint, it would be difficult for it to get worse. And I could be unemployed, which would be bad too. So I muddle on. I miss miss miss my old job. I can't even SAY how much I miss my old job. There are not words for it. At least I can't think of them.

I put the storm windows down today. Fall weatherizing is here. The trees are beautiful. My furnace comes on at night. The trees are beautiful.

Jupiter's birthday is a week from Thursday. I have done NOTHING. Haven't been home long enough to have a chance. Good thing I put the bug in her ear about just having a small family party and maybe going to Boston for a day just after her birthday.

She is now running around in her underwear and is adding the screen from the storm door to her house. It's her "sliding door."

Now I have to finish the laundry, hopefully not have a feather battle, pay the mortgage because I forgot, make supper, fill out the hot lunch form, etc etc etc. I dream of getting caught up.

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Haleine said...

You drew a person...hehehehehe.

If you go to Boston, could I maybe tag along? I want to bum around Harvard. See if I can learn via osmosis or something...BTW, it's cool if you just want it to be you. I won't mind in the least.