Monday, October 19, 2009

Blue Ribbon Behavior

Jupiter got a blue ribbon on Saturday. It was the last therapeutic riding lesson of the session so they did a little horse show type deal. I didn't know we were not going to make up the last lesson of the session (no lesson next week because of the big fund raising event taking place in the ring. I'm all for the fund raising.) so I was surprised.

Both girls got a blue ribbon. Jupiter got one for her posting trot and for listening during walk on/whoa. Allie got one for a beautiful sitting trot and for steering accurately.

Jupiter is SO proud of that blue ribbon. It's starting to look a bit bedraggled as she has worn it constantly and everywhere. When we were in Home Depot she plopped it up on the counter to be duly admired and appreciated. Getting a blue ribbon was the happiest day of her life. Sunday she wore it to church and Sunday school. And a birthday party.

Fast forward three days. She wore it to school Monday and all the teachers duly admired her blue ribbon. I haven't seen it since Monday so she must have stashed it in one of her secret hidey holes. If she's hidden it away, it must be truly special.

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